Lola Bishop Whitney Scholarship

Student must meet the following requirements: 1) Have a 2.5 grade point average or higher; 2) Have successfully completed at least four credit hours of a foreign language at Delta College or granted an exception, meaning exceptions may be granted to Delta College students with more advanced language skills; 3) Must list two references with their contact information: one must be a Delta College foreign language instructor and the other must be a Delta College instructor or staff member; 4) Discuss with a foreign language instructor how you would use the scholarship and discuss the best way to develop your essay; 5) Write a 250 – 750 word essay and upload it to your application; 6) Complete the Cost Estimate Form that is part of the application; 7) If chosen as a finalist, student must be willing to come to Delta for a 20 minute interview.

Recipient must: 1) Write a thank you letter to the scholarship provider (donor) within a few weeks of being awarded the scholarship; 2) Submit a “follow-up trip summary” a month after their travels; photos are encouraged.

Notes: Preference will be given to applications where academic credit is granted. The dollar amount of each award will be based on available funds. Awards will be given on a one time only basis per student.

Lola Bishop Whitney Award Endowment
Supplemental Questions
  1. Type an essay that is 250 words minimum - 750 words maximum. In your essay, describe: a. Why you want to study in certain country or why you want to attend a workshop, conference, etc. b. How your chosen program, conference, workshop, etc. fits into your educational and career goals. c. If studying abroad, include commentary on how you will prepare or have prepared for studying abroad (e.g. cultural knowledge, language study, understanding the challenges of traveling, etc.)
  2. By the time you use the scholarship, will you have 4 credits in foreign language (or have you been granted an exception)?
  3. Do you intend to maintain continuous enrollment (fall and winter semesters) at Delta College until the scholarship is used?
  4. I am willing to come to campus for a short interview?
  5. Please complete and upload the Cost Estimate Form by Clicking Here.
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